Zaid Al Kazemi - 0% Equity Cofounder

Zaid Al Kazemi
0% Equity Cofounder

Strategy is
the art of winning

I’ll level-up your brand, content, and product strategies so that every move you make contributes to your long term growth.

Partnership Includes:

Unlimited Strategic Feedback

Regular Strategy Calls

A Deep-Dive Strategy Workshop

Custom Step-by-Step Growth Plan

Packages start at only $300 per month, the price of
a daily cold brew + small-snack at Starbucks.

❤︎ A Decade of Strategy Experience at Your Service ❤︎

Trusted by

“Zaid is very, very real. I’ve worked with the best in the world and he is one of them.”

Faisal Al Basri

Faisal Al Basri
Content Creator with 1M+ followers

A Quick Word

Zaid Al Kazemi

Hi 👋🏼 I’m Zaid,

You’ve probably seen me roast websites but I actually do more than that.

I’ve reimagined the strategy consulting relationship to give you more support as a 0% equity cofounder.

For a flat monthly fee and no equity, you get unlimited strategic feedback and regular consulting calls.

Use me as a strategic, unbiased, and candid second opinion to make better decisions.

I’ll help you build in the right direction so your startup scales so fast the competition won’t even want to compete.

My Specialties

Brand Strategy

Set the right foundation for long term growth.


Content Strategy

Master your social media and funnels.


Product Strategy

Build a product that people love and share.


How it Works

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Step 1

Discovery Call

• We’ll establish expectations
• Pinpoint growth bottlenecks
• Set preliminary goals

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Step 2

Strategy Workshop

• I’ll analyze your ideas
• Identify hidden growth levers
• Explore growth opportunities

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Step 3

Growth Plan

I’ll deliver:
• Your strategy in writing
• + Growth recommendations

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Step 4

Cofounder Support

• Consulting calls
• Unlimited strategic feedback

Cofounder Support

Consulting Calls

Monthly or weekly, we’ll get on a call and workshop growth.

You can invite anyone to the call and we can discuss any goals or challenges.

Unlimited Feedback

Send me anything, I’ll send back strategic feedback within 24hrs.

I’ll use your strategy and my skills to point you in the direction of growth.



$300 / Month

Unlimited Feedback Only
(+ 1 Strategy Workshop)


$500 / month

Unlimited Feedback
+ Monthly Calls


$1,000 / month

Unlimited Feedback
+ Weekly Calls

30 Day Money Back guarantee

In more than a decade, I’ve never had anyone dissatisfied with my services. But to eliminate all risks for you, I offer a guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with my work after the first month, I’ll return your payment, hassle-free.

My only goal is your success.

Let’s build the

Good message = 1.Product/Service 2.Website 3.Goals

Limited Availability. Apply now to lock in pricing.

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